The Very Vintage Day Out '17

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This weekend I headed to The Very Vintage Day Out in Auckland on Sunday. It was so good to be surrounded by incredibly dressed vintage and retro lovers and I was able to bring back my alter-ego, Billie Maeve - although I don't have the candy floss pink hair like I used to (see post here). I totally commend those individuals who choose this lifestyle - they look so suave and completely wonderful. Especially my babe friend, Jayde Lemonade who's featured in the above photos.

I had so much fun looking around all of the stalls; the food, music, vintage car displays, shows/performances and seeing the Very Vintage Bake Off, in association with Edmonds. As well as wishing that I got another tattoo from my mate, Steve (Sacred Tattoo).

Overall, it was a beautiful day and I'm already craving more of that raspberry gelato!
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Happy Halloween

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween is and will always be one of my favourite celebrations of the year. It's a time to get dressed up and hang out with friends. Last year, I was dead Marilyn; this year my friend Shan and I went to Summer Vines (Halloween Music Festival) and dressed up as pinup zombies. I definitely loved the outfit, makeup and experience SO much more this time around.

What have you dressed up as this year?