Meet The Family.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I love animals, especially cats and rodents (go figure), so I thought I would introduce you to my little bebes, as I am a mother to five animals.

Monsieur & Delilah

If I could recommend one of the most chillest animals, it'd be a rat! My girls are super social with opposite personalities. Delilah (the brown and white one) is very extroverted, she is adventurous and loves to play like a cat would, following my hand around and knawing at it. It's too cute! Monsieur (yes it is french for 'Mister' and yes she is a girl), is more shy but still so loving and gentle. She is the straight brown one and I got her first and then decided that she needed a sister, so that's when Delilah came along.
Disclaimer: They love spinning in their wheel at all hours of the morning and they thrive on cat biscuits!

Calvin & Harvey

I got the guineas, in which I've nicknamed them yin and yang, with my old flatmates/friends. We got Calvin first (the one with the black face) and then decided he needed a bud so we then got Harvey. When I left Auckland, I took the bebes with me. They too, have different personalities. Calvin is very sassy, he is such a big eater and loves stealing food away from his brother. Harvey is more shy and not as outgoing, but they balance each other out nicely. I'm trying to get my rats and guineas to become buds.. lets just say, I'm still in the process of making that work haha. It might happen if I continue feeding them more spinach, they go nuts on that stuff.
Disclaimer: Calvin is named after someone we know, and Harvey is named after Harvey Spector from Suits.


She is my darling. I do consider myself more of cat person than anything. She is very adventurous and like most tabby cats, she is a hunter - which in my case isn't too good having rodents around, but we manage. She loves to kiss but isn't too fond of cuddles. She also likes to bring presents into the house or so she'd like to think. Cockroaches and Wetas are NOT presents.
Disclaimer: She loves sleeping in really weird positions, I sometimes wonder how it is even comfortable.
Later on down the track I would love to own a Beagle. And if I could have any other animals in the world, I really want a squirrel, fox, and a pet hedgehog. Who knows, maybe even a bobcat? I know, some of them are unrealistic, especially in New Zealand, but you can only dream.
What animals do you own and/or what animals would you want to own?

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