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Sunday, November 16, 2014

What's been happening lately?

1. Love hang times with my brother, while he paints whimsical illustrations, I read over blogs and sip on coffee.
2. It's been a little rainy here in New Zealand lately. So when the sun comes out, I like to get out of the house, indulge in a Melona ice-cream and be amongst the flowers.
3. I mentioned that the weather has been quite rainy lately, this gives me much incentive to stay in bed and watch TV series with coffee and snacks. I'm up to date with my favourite shows at the moment (American Horror Story, Nashville and New Girl). So now I've just started watching 'Orange is the New Black' and it's been really good so far.
4. I love popping into cafes with good food and coffee. Two Birds Eatery is a recently new cafe in Hamilton that provides a range of raw/vegan/gluten free treats, and they make great coffee, too.
5. When someone asks you out for dinner, you go. Especially when it's Japanese and there's those good salty edamame beans on the menu. The company is great, too.
6. What can I say, I love new shoes!
7. My downtime has been filled with browsing blogs and gaining inspiration. I also like to eat cream puffs or candy of some sort whilst doing this.
8. Catching up with friends is good quality, and time well spent.
9. Hair chalk is my jam at the moment. I've got a tendency to change my hair colour quite a bit, but currently I have my hair dip-dyed blonde. So I thought colouring the bottoms with temporary chalk will help satisfy the addiction.
What's some little snippets that have been happening in your life lately?

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  1. Mmm salty edamame is my fave also hehe. Loving your blog so far, keep it up! :Dxx