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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I decided to do a blog feature on Rebecca from The Clothes Horse blog as her style is so cute and quirky, and her blog has been a favourite for a while. Get to know Rebecca a little more from her interview below:
1. To start off with, tell us a bit about yourself? I'm Rebecca, I usually like to describe myself with this Madeleine L'Engle quote "a quiet mouse of a girl, with eyes that held secrets like the sea." I love that quote because I am quiet and petite, so sometimes I make a rather mousey impression on people but the latter part is the kicker--not that my eyes are so amazing but that everyone holds great depths. Size and volume of speech doesn't begin to define someone...oh and L'Engle is one of my favorite authors! ;)
2. If you could describe your style in three words, what would you say? quirky, romantic, vintage
3. What made you get into fashion and blogging? The passion for fashion and blogging happened almost simultaneously. I had always liked dressing myself when I was very young and liked to pick out fabrics and patterns at the store and ask my mom to make me dresses, but I got very self conscious in junior high through high school and stopped paying attention to clothes other than as a means of blending in. My senior year of high school I started reading fashion magazines for the first time and really became enamored with fashion, but saw it as something that existed on runways and in magazines and maybe for a few rare wealthy individuals--no one I knew dressed like that. Then in college I stumbled across personal style blogs and saw ordinary girls who went to college and had regular jobs that dressed amazingly and it blew my mind. It wasn't until I saw other girl's blogs that I realized you could have a normal life and dress interesting. Shortly after that I started buying clothes I actually cared about and liked and then I started my blog around the same time.
4. What inspires you or motivates you to get up in the mornings? I'm not a morning person at all! Even when I try to get up early I end up being creative and having my best ideas at night--I can work all morning on a project and then re-do it in 10 minutes at 1am and love the new version so much more! So getting up in the morning for me most days is all about maintaining a routine.
5. Are you working on anything exciting currently - with your blog or in general? The most exciting thing coming up for me is my wedding in June. It's going to be in Northern Ireland because that's where my fiancé lives and where I will be moving to, so there's a lot to coordinate like booking a photographer, but also figuring out how to move everything I own! It's tricky because there's a lot of work to do, but only so much I can figure out from PA.
6. What do you like to do in your spare time? I like working with my hands, I find it relaxing to do somewhat tedious tasks--so I make some funny dinosaur jewelry, doodle a bit, and since it's the season I think I'm going to start making hundreds of paper snowflakes to hang up around the house!
7. Where in the world would be your number one holiday destination? It's so hard to say because there are so many places I would like to visit that I haven't been to and then places that I have been to that I'd love to go back to! I think right now in this moment I'd love to go to Venice. It might be my favorite city and I still have aspirations of living there one day.
8. Style inspiration? Too many people and random things to even begin! I'm more inspired though by fictional characters in movies or editorials than real people--I like the highly crafted image and perfect character wardrobe. Audrey Hepburn's character in How To Steal A Million has some of my favorite costumes.
9. Fave blogs to check out? Calivintage, Susie Bubble, La Vita Mia, honestly there are loads! I have hundreds of blogs in my reader--I don't comment on a lot of blogs these days but I read tons.
10. What life advice would you want to give to the readers? I don't know if I'm the most qualified person to give life advice, but from my personal experience--it does get better, but don't wait for the better. Five or six years ago I wouldn't have believe it was possible to be this happy and some of that is a pleasant surprise and out of my control--I never would have guessed I would meet a tall Irish man and fall in love almost immediately, but I'm really glad I did. But before him there were a lot of things I worked at little by little that made things better. It's wonderful when we have these beautiful life moments that take our breath away in their perfection, but part of the reason those moments are so great is knowing all the work you put into getting there.


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  1. The new models that have came out in every brand have become something of a trending fashion, and to be honest no one would allow something to become popular and a symbol in some way if it wasn't good enough. And this was even said by Gucci and in a few interviews.
    Hope I was of help to all.