What's been happening lately?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

(Photos taken from my instagram)

♡ Finishing up the last few weeks of this semester at university, which means essays and tests gallore.
♡ This also means I only have one year of Pols to go. Although it is still a drag.
♡ Spending quality time with new and old friends, out to dinner, to spoken word events and music gigs.
♡ Working weekends at Moochi.
♡ Watching Greys, and starting Game of Thrones.
♡ Rereading Memoirs of a Geisha in my spare time.
♡ Singing and playing a lot of guitar.
♡ Hang times with my rats.
♡ Found a new love for sushi (I never used to like it).
♡ Working on a project with a dear friend of mine to do with mental health awareness (stay tuned).
♡ Snuggles with my cat, Connie.
♡ Sleep-ins.
♡ Putting an electric ukulele on lay-by (of which I've wanted for ages).
♡ Listening to a lot of Kanye, Nas and Kendrick.
♡ Being motivated to go to the gym... sometimes.
♡ Going blonde... slowly.
♡ It's my birthday next month.
♡ Spending just about everyday with the bestie.
♡ Finally it's getting cold enough for layers and oversized jerseys.
♡ Saving my pennies for my next tattoo.
♡ Eating a lot of vege pad thai.
♡ Appreciating quality time spent w people dear to me.
♡ Watching a bunch of inspiring TED talks.
♡ Writing heartfelt poems like the emotional being that I am.
♡ Drinking hot blackcurrant drinks more, trying to cut down on the coffee intake.
♡ Turning into a shopaholic. HALP.
♡ Consistently learning perseverance.

What's been happening in your life lately?

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