These are a few of my favourite things

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

♢ American Graffiti and other '50s music in general.
♢ A lot of pop lately such as Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber (Don't judge...pop rules).
♢ Mumford & Sons - building up the anticipation for their show next week.
♢ A few bands & singers on Daytrotter like Summer Salt and Frankie.

♢ Nashville - Isn't it getting good?!
♢ The Walking Dead - This is one that I watch w my brother and his partner, we love zombies!
♢ American Horror Story - Lady Gaga is crushin' it. Really loving this season.
♢ How To Get Away With Murder - I'm obsessed with this show!
♢ Blood & Oil - I only started watching it because Nate off Gossip Girl is in it.
♢ Wicked City - Same as above, although Chuck Bass from GG is in this show and he plays a serial killer.

♢ The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff - Excited for the movie to come out. This book is about a Danish painter who was the first to undergo sex reassignment surgery. It's really good so far.
♢ I was reading his other book previously called 'The 19th Wife.' Super interesting if you like fact based fiction books. It's about polygamy in the earlier days of mormonism.
♢ I'm also reading my study notes, does that count? Last exam for the semester this Thursday.

♢ Gotta have my 'The Horse' watch on me at all times.
♢ Also loving my stirling silver ring collection at the moment, as well as my necklaces. Especially when I was never really much of a jewellery person in the first place.
♢ Fruit, especially strawberries right now... bring on summer!

What are some of your favourite things this month?


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