Four Seasons in a Day

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hello all, 

First blog post of the year! Have been rather busy finishing up my degree in Politics and International Relations, which I can happily say is done and dusted. As a little treat for myself, I decided to take a trip over to Melbourne for nine days to stay with a friend in the heart of Fitzroy. It was such an amazing trip (see more daily activities on my instagram here).

Some amazing cafes, restaurants and attractions that I checked out were: 

➕ Smith and Daughters (is a fave!), as well as Smith and Deli.
➕ Vegie Bar
➕ Grub Food Van 
➕ Newtown Specialty Coffee
➕ Archie's All Day
➕ Admiral Cheng-Ho
➕ Alimentari
➕ Market Lane Coffee
➕ Yong Green Food (For Asian fusion meals)
➕ Madame K's (Vegan Thai food)
➕ Bimbo Deluxe - Rooftop Bar (For $4 Pizza)
➕ Brighton Beach Bathing Sheds
➕ Abbortsford Convent (which has a vegetarian restaurant called 'Lentil as Anything' where you go to eat and decide how much you're willing to pay for the meal. They act as a multicultural community which support young migrants and refugees - such a great cause).

There were other amazing things to see and do like checking out all of the old buildings that surrounded you, parks, botanical gardens, as well as all of the street art that was prominent everywhere you went. But majority of my time was spent drinking coffee and eating my way through the city.

Cannot wait for my next trip back!


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