Easter Weekend

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Top photo c/o Madi (@ohmadioh), Second photo c/o Steph (@adventuresofsteph).

Easter Friday, I ended up tagging along with a couple of my good friends, Rob and Steph and their mates that had come down from Whangarei to explore the mighty Waikato. I met Rob and Steph initially through Instagram and that's how they met their friends too! So kudos, Instagram for creating OTG (On the gram) + IRL (In real life) friendships. Yes I thought acronyms fitted perfectly here, I'm trying to embrace my youthful side.

We travelled a few different places around Waitomo, first stop was the Mangapohue Natural Bridge, then we went to visit Piripiri Cave (which is supposedly haunted), Marokopa Falls and lastly, the Ruakuri Bushwalk. All of these different places are just up the road from each other and there isn't too much walking involved so it was a nice and easy day looking at the beautiful scenery after the storm.

Definitely recommend stopping at the big apple in Otorohanga on the way back to get a fresh fruit icecream or fro-yo waffle cone. 


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