Vegan Food Fair '17

Friday, April 28, 2017

(Last 3 photos: photography by Alix

Last weekend I went with my gal pal Alix to the Vegan Food Fair in Auckland. It was an incredible day checking out all of the amazing vegan eats and listening to some rad music and speakers. One of those speakers being James Aspey (featured in the second to last photo) who is a bloody lege. I don't see many guys these days who have a big heart for animals and individuals like he does. 

If you want to check out all the vendors who attended the fair, head on over to the VFF official website here

As some of you may know, I'm veggie but am slowly converting to veganism, so this was a great way to experience all of the great foods and products. The more I know and learn - about the dairy and egg industry, the more adamant I am about being fully plant-based. 

Why Veganism? It's simple! I love animals far too much to let them suffer for my benefit, I care too much about the environment and climate change to let our world suffer. And I care about my health and the benefits that a vegan diet can give me. If you're a tad curious and would like to know more information, click here

I may/may not have sounded preachy just then (soz), but that's the #1 question that people tend to ask me so I thought I would answer it for the lot of ya. You're welcome! 😜

Thanks to the Vegan Food Fair, for making the day super special.
Cannot wait to see you all again next year. 


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