Life update + A little thing called business

Saturday, May 20, 2017

So what's been happening with me lately?

• Started volunteering at the SPCA, helping look after cats, dogs and bunnies. I love animals and wish that I could take them all home, so this is my way of helping them out. Had to re-home my bunny last week too because I moved, which was the worst. I miss Lila so much already. But I'm super lucky to get copious amounts of snuggles from my ragdoll, Wonton.

• I've been adventuring, heading to local events and entrepreneur meets, reading a bunch of novels and biographies and watching a lot of TV shows - as per usual. Already, I've been planning up an itinerary for a trip to Japan that will most likely be end of this year/start of next. All of the things on my list consist of seeing as many animals as I can and eating as much sushi as I can.

• Friend hang times and networking with some amazing and intelligent human sorts. As I get older, I'm realising the valuable notion of quality over quantity. There's a saying, 'who you hang out with is who you become' and I'm blessed to know I've got the dreamers and the doers as friends and we look out for one another.

• I'm slowly transitioning to a vegan + whole foods lifestyle, where I'm actually looking at food ingredients and seeing what I'm really putting into my body. That satisfying feeling of knowing every single ingredient in a food item is the best. The journey can be hard but so so worth it.

And for the grand finale, I'm starting my own business. At first it was a lil baby project that I wanted to do on the side whilst working full time. I was rather apprehensive and darn right scared (as most business owners would know) about starting up a full-time business, because what if I fail. But we all fail at one or numerous points in our life, so why not jump first, fear later. With some advice and championing happening from some fabulous boss babes who I've gotten the pleasure to know recently, I'm here writing to you good folk. And yes y'all it's all about working with individuals and brands to grow their online presence. I'm super passionate about what social media can do for you. Please check out my business page for more info.


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