Making health a priority

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Since starting my own business, I’ve realised that looking after my physical and mental health needs to be a top priority. I’ve also started to look long-term at my future and have thought about putting health and life insurance in place as a pre-caution for anything that may or may not go wrong. 

I’ve never been one to think about investing in something like health insurance but there have been a few recent events in my life that have made me start to think about looking after myself better and investing as little as a couple of coffees plus a cheeky dinner out per week into something that can help me long-term. 

These recent events included my mum having to wait months in a neck brace (a serious neck injury at risk of paralysis) before she could get seen and have surgery through the public health system. Or my friend who has suffered from chronic abdominal pain for years and her many doctors’ visits and medication are far too expensive for a 19-year-old student. 

And lastly, knowing very well that I need to get my wisdom teeth out the sooner the better due to constant infection – one which is currently aggravating me right now. 

With the above examples, getting combined Top Hospital Plus and Mid Everyday Plan would help to cover these conditions. 

I’m signing up to nib Health Insurance, will you join me? Besides I totally want a $200 prezzy card (for signups before the 7th of August 2017). This will arrive after 3 months – right in time for an early Christmas Present. For more info, check out nib and get a quote!
  This post was made possible thanks to nib Insurance, NZ.

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