New Zealand Fashion Week 2017

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Photo 6: Geo-J, photo 7: Not For You Clothing, photo 8 & 9: Mitchell Vincent Collection, photo 10 & 11: Hailwood, photo 12: Jason Lingard
Outfit 1: Top from my gal Miss Mash's Wardrobe, Blazer: Ketz-Ke , Pants: Pagan Marie, Shoes: Moochi, Sunnies: Quay, Necklace: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Outfit 2: Bralet and Tabbard: Moochi, Cardi: Storm, Pants: Juliette Hogan, Shoes: Pulp, Sunnies: Glassons, Umbrella: c/o Hailwood and Oxipay

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend a few shows for New Zealand Fashion Week. Even though I have been battling with tonsillitis and allergies all week, I had the "fake it till you make it" mentality going on in my head, so I made the trip up to Auckland for it.

I attended a few different shows on Tuesday and Thursday; New Generation which featured Geo-J, Pania Greenaway, Not For You and Luke Dawson Clothing. Along with Mitchell Vincent Collection (MVC), Hailwood and Jason Lingard - who may I add was hauntingly captivating. I saw items from each show that I could most definitely see myself wearing, and surprisingly not all the items I would have chosen were black. But lets not kid myself, majority of them were, so there's that. Apologies for the lo-fi cam job of runway photos, I was the wannabe cool kid trying to take professional photos on my flash phone, but seriously, I will invest in a proper camera one day. Also kudos to Bailee from Miss Mash for the OOTD photos.

I was meant to head to French 83 with Bailee and her partner, but I skipped it to head back home and snuggle up with my kitty. There were other shows that I would loved to have seen such as Lela Jacobs, Salasai, Jimmy D and Stolen Girlfriends Club, but there's always next year.


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