Living the Country Life

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

For those that don't already know, I moved out to the country to a little place outside of Hamilton New Zealand, called Tamahere.

I haven't lived out in the country since I was a little girl. From birth to age 4, I lived out on a block of land on the way to Raglan, before moving into the city. I've always been a city girl, but my mega love for animals and my serene love for nature has led me back to the country.

The photos above show my little teeny studio unit that I share with my kitty, Wonton. It's the perfect size for me and is an all-in-one room (bedroom, living and kitchenette) with a good sized ensuite. I'm living at the back of a wonderful family, surrounded by goats, sheep, cats, dogs, chickens and a whole lot of countryside.

Needless to say my ragdoll, Wonton, is absolutely in his element out here in the country which makes me super happy indeed. So welcome to my little humble abode!

S. x

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