Thursday, March 01, 2018

My friend Shan and I took a road trip down to Wellington to adventure, and while she had a couple of days of training, I filled my time roaming the streets looking for good cafe spots where I could do some work. The amount of times we drove down wrong streets, got lost and even walked a bike track cause we couldn't find the right hiking track, made for some good stories.

We even went out to town our first night there and stayed most of our time at Vinyl Bar, then later headed to Danger Danger for some good quality bangers. Other activities included, walks to spot good views, Mount Vic, Gardens, Te Papa and some sorbet on the waterfront. If you're looking for a good cafe to go to, I recommend The Botanist in Lyall Bay. And for a good coffee spot, which my friend directed me to, check out The Hanger  (Flight Coffee).

All in all, these last few days have been filled with a lot of laughs, good food, great scenery and the best company.


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